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Non-Invasive Cardiology

Non invasive cardiology is relatively new field dealing with cardiac ultrasound as well as various modalities of stress. It has broad range of applications in which encompasses the entire spectrum of cardiac and vascular disease. It is crucial too the evaluation and management of coronary artery disease, rheumatic and valvular heart disease, cardiomyopathies, peripheral vascular, reno vascular carotid artery disease. At KMC Hospital we are performing on an average 100-110 basic and advanced echocardiographic and Doppler based procedure including Echo,(2-D,3D and contrast echo,), stress echo, carotic and vascular Doppler studies, dyssynchrony evaluation. In addition this lab is extremely busy with TMT and performs 60-70 such procedures every month.

Common Disease

General cardiology services include preoperative evaluation and treatment and assessment of: