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Minimally Invasive Surgery

General & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

What use to be General Surgery has now become a highly specialized department that offers latest technology, operation techniques and management protocols for some of the commonest diseases of mankind. Diseases range from simple gastrointestinal surgery for appendicitis to advanced surgeries like laparoscopic gastric bypass, ileo-anal pouches

# Planned surgery in addition to above includes : esophageal diseases like achalasiacardia, reflux diseases, benign and cancerous conditions; stomach ulcers, bleeding, tumor and cancer; gall bladder, biliary stones, cysts, tumors etc; pancreatic tumors, pancreatitis, cysts; splenectomy; adrenalectomy; thyroidectomy; salivary gland tumors; benign and cancerous conditions of breast. Swellings and surgical infections. Advanced tertiary care surgeries need many support structures that have now become synonymous with a centre of excellence like ours. These supporting areas include: Operation theatre with laminar flow ventilation, infection control guidelines, latest technology of surgical, anesthetic and safety equipment. Anesthesia department with dedicated full time team available round the clock. Modern and latest anesthesia machines with back up. Intensive Care Unit with round the clock specialist care in Respiratory, Cardiac, Gastro, Critical Care, Neuro and Nephrology departments.


The department provides specialist care in the following super specialties: